ISD Cologne 2022

2nd International Interdisciplinary Symposium for Sports Dentistry

IASD - University Clinic RWTH Aachen - DGzPRsport

May 20-21, 2022

PhysioSport PACE
Schanzenstrasse 33
51063 Cologne

May 20-22, 2022

Cologne, Germany

The ISD-Symposium, the leading symposium for sports dentistry, seeks to implement professional science in this distinct field.  The ISD-Symposium reflects the current interdisciplinary level of knowledge in sports dentistry internationally and serves as an important opportunity for networking for sports physicians, sports dentists, sports scientists, universities and international associations. The ISD-Symposium hosts the World Summit for Sports Dentistry, a special forum that encourages the formation of cross-cultural relationships between practitioners and national societies.  
This second ISD-Symposium takes place over two days in beautiful Cologne, Germany and, in addition to interesting lectures, offers workshops and an evening social event to meet friends and broaden attendees’ professional networks.


The International Association of Sports Dentistry’s (IASD) primary goal is to bring professional science into the field of sports dentistry.  At ISD-Symposium, attendees will learn insights from top scientists and clinicians from around the world and have the opportunity to attend workshops, the World Summit for Sports Dentistry and an industrial exhibition. 


Cologne is a well-known German city that is one of the largest sports science spots in the country. The city is often teeming with professional athletes and Olympic champions. The ISD-Symposium will take place the city’s 1700 square meter, newly renovated listed industrial hall, a place where key players in the sports world often gather. The location is easily accessible by public transportation and has ample parking for visitors.   


Please join us at ISD Cologne 2022 to become a member of a great international network of sports dentists focused on strong values and professional science. 

You can take part in the ISD-Symposium and book your trip with or without our evening event, the "After Match Party," which will serve as a way for attendees to form connections with each other and meet international top athletes.  


Symposium with "After Match Party" included:  
Standard Price: €569
Members & Partners, Early Bird (until 12.25.2021): €529

Symposium without "After Match Party":
Standard Price: €499
Members & Partners, Early Bird (until 12.25.2021): €459